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Delving - JTES is a half yearly inter-disciplinary referred journal. Research Articles, Review Articles, Invited Articles and Research Notes etc. are invited. There are no page charges for submission or publication. The papers in the journal are categorized as Research contributions, Review work and Research notes. This journal is dedicated to keep the readers abreast of the latest and broadest of industrial developments in manufacturing, engineering, technology, science,research & development.It also provides a venue for students, researchers and professionals to submit on-going research and developments in their areas of interest.

About the Journal

Journal of Technology & Engineering Science (JTES) is initiative taken by AITR Research forum Delving to promote the research in central part of India. It is intended to give a platform where quality research work can be recognized and publicized. It is aimed to encourage researchers, working in fields related to Technology, to carry out further research and help in developing and producing knowledge. It tends to provide an environment where research can be used for public interest.

Information Technology covers various branches of science and engineering especially Computer Engineering & Application, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication and Electronics & Instrumentation. We know in today’s world it plays an important role and used in every aspect of life right from communication to defense. If last century witnessed industrial revolution, this century will see the miracles of Information Technology. Despite lot of work been already done in the field there is lot to be developed. Therefore a tremendous research is going in the field so as to address unresolved issues and to develop further to facilitate everyday life for improving living standard of the society.

Delving - JTES is dedicated to keep the readers abreast of the latest and broadest of industrial developments in manufacturing, engineering, technology, science,research & development.

Aim and Scope of Journal

The aim of the Journal of Technology and Engineering Sciences (JTES) is to provide academically robust papers, research, critical reviews and opinions on the organizational, Social and management issues associated with significant information based on technology.

The Journal will publish work from all disciplinary, theoretical and methodological perspective. It encourages original research article, review article and invited articles.


Important Dates

Acceptance Notification

30th April, 2014

Final Manuscript due

9th May, 2014

Publication date

determined by the Editor-in-Chief

Call for Papers

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Dear Author/Researcher

Delving-Journal of Technology and Engineering ISSN-09755829, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal invites you to submit research papers for publishing in Vol. 2 No. 1, June 2014.

Published papers will be indexed in numerous search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo and many more...

Subject Category

Papers are called in following suggested topics but not limited to:

Information Technology

Data Warehouse and Mining

Wireless Sensor Networks

Process Control and Instrumentation

Embedded systems

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Artificial Intelligence

Algorithm Design


Communication Technologies

Signal Processing

VLSI Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering


Engineering Sciences

Security and Cryptography


Paper Submission Email ID


Team Members


Senior Editor In Chief

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma 
Head & Professor
School of Information Technology,
RGPV, Bhopal, India

Editor In Chief

Prof. Sanjay Bansal
Head of CSE Department
Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore

Editorial Board

Editorial Associate

R B Purohit
AITR, Indore

S K Sohani
AITR, Indore

Kamal Sethi
AITR, Indore

Manish Sharma
AITR, Indore

Editorial Advisory Board

P Thrimurthy, PhD 
President CSI, Tamilnadu, India

N S Choudhary, PhD 
IIT Indore, India.

Y N Singh, PhD 
IIT Kanpur, India

P Nagabhushan, PhD 
University of Mysore, Karnataka, India

B K Gandhi 
Professor, IIT Roorkee, India

M K Nayak, PhD 
IT Director, London, UK

M D Agrawal, PhD 
AITR, Indore, India

D B Phatak, PhD 
IIT Bombay, India

S Silakari, PhD 
RGTU, Bhopal, India

Editorial Board

Shilpa Bhalerao, PhD
AITR Indore

Suresh Jain, PhD
SDBC, Indore

Sanjay Tanwani, PhD
SCS, DAVV, Indore

Ajay Verma, PhD
IET, DAVV, Indore

Mona Nagar, PhD
APER, Indore

Priyesh Kanungo, PhD
DAVV, Indore

Rachana Gupta, PhD
Engineering Physics, AITR, Indore

Shivraj Chawda, PhD
AITR Indore

Anita Thakur, PhD 
AITR Indore

Reviewer List

Sunil Kumar Manvi, Bangalore

Mona Nagar, Indore

Maya Ingle, Indore

C. Karthikeyan, Bhopal

B H Shekar, Mangalore

Mohd. Husain, Lucknow

B S Munjal, Ahmedabad

Ritu Shakhi, Kolkata

V.R Rathod, Rajkot

Suchita Upadhyaya, Haryana

U. Eranna, Karnataka

Sunil Kumar Khatri, Faridabad

Navita Adhlakha, Ambala

S. A. M. Rizvi, New Delhi

S. Narote, Pune

Pankaj M Agarkar, Pune

Salman Abdul Mioz, Bangalore

Priyanka Sharma, Surat

Narendra Kumar Patel, Mehsana

Chaturi Singh, IIT Kanpur

A. Indira, ISRO

B. K. Gandhi, IIT Roorkee

S. P. Singh, Hyderabad

Atul Negi, Hyderabad

N. V. Rao, Hyderabad

P. Kanungo, Indore

Om Prakash Rishi, Jaipur

S. Lakshmiprabha, Karnataka

S. Gopinath, Bangalore

Suresh Jain, Indore

Review Process


The peer review process starts with the researcher.... 

The researcher writes a paper and submits it to the editor of the journal

The editor determines whether the article is of sufficient quality and appropriate content.

He will either reject or accept it. If he accepts the articles he gives it to the reviewers.

These reviewers have specialized knowledge of the subject and are often times researchers themselves

They review the article for quality of research. Their goal is to find any gaps in reasoning and to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

The article is returned to the editor along with a recommendation to either reject the article, revise it or accept it.

The article is returned to the researcher along with the reviewers feedback and any requests for revision.

The researcher will have to revise the article and resubmit it.

The editor receives the revised article and makes the final decision to publish or not taking into consideration the reviewer's feedback.

The Editors' decision will be considered final.

Preparation of manuscripts

Prepare the paper according to the format of Template.


To enable the publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must sign copyright in their manuscripts to the publisher. all submitted manuscripts must be accompanied by a statement signed by all authors that the article is original, is not under consideration by another journal, has not previously been published elsewhere and its content has not been anticipated by any previous publication

Kindly send scanned copy of completed and duly signed form by email at jtes@acropolis.in



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Indore , India
0731 4730001